Town Assessor

The Town of Darien contracts with Accurate Appraisal, LLC for property assessment services. Click on their website below to view your property assessment information online.

Accurate Appraisal LLC
1428 Midway Road
PO Box 415
Menasha WI 54952-0415
Phone 800-770-3927
Fax 920-749-8099


Residents can find information on all parcels located within the Town of Darien (such as ownership, parcel number, legal description, assessed value, fair market value, and real and personal property tax amounts) at the Access Walworth County website:

Open Book

Open Book provides property owners with an informal opportunity to meet with the Assessor to review and discuss their assessment record. The completed assessment roll is available at Open Book and property owners can also use this opportunity to review the assessments of all properties located within the Town. Board of Review is held prior to the formal Board of Review appeal process.

Property owners are encouraged to attend Open Book if they have any questions on how their assessment was determined. Most people would not proceed with the formal appeal process of Board of Review if they knew the factors that were taken into consideration in arriving at their assessment. Examples of some of these are: sales of comparable properties, current construction costs, improvements to property, location, depreciation, legal restrictions such as zoning ordinances, and general economic changes in the community. To schedule an appointment for Open Book on-line go to Once on the Accurate Appraisal website, go to "Click here to schedule your open book or walk thru appointment", click on "Open Book Appointment" and then click on "Town of Darien". If you do not have computer access, you can also schedule and Open Book Appointment by calling 1-800-770-3927.

Board of Review

In order to appeal your assessment before the Board of Review, you need to schedule an appointment and obtain the necessary forms from the Town Clerk. The office of the Town Clerk is located in the Darien Town Hall, located at N2826 Foundry Road. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The Board of Review is a formal, quasi-judicial process for appealing the assessment of real and personal property. The Board of Review is comprised of Board of Supervisors and if needed residents who receive sworn testimony and evidence, from both the protesting property owner and the Assessor, and make a determination on the validity of the facts presented, under oath, before it. The Assessor's value is presumed to be correct and is changed only if the Board of Review determines that the sworn testimony and evidence presented by the protesting property owner proves otherwise. The information above is a very brief and general explanation of the property assessment and appeal processes. If you would like more information, or are considering an appeal of your assessed value, the “Guide to Property Owners”, published by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue Division of State and Local Finance Bureau of Assessment Practices is an excellent resource.