Noxious Weed Notice

NOTICE IS HEREBY given to each person who owns, occupies, or controls land in the Town of Darien, Walworth County, Wisconsin, to destroy all noxious weeds on such property before the plants bloom.

Noxious weeds include: Canada Thistle, Bull Thistle, Leafy Spurge and Field Bindweed (Creeping Jenny), Wild Hemp, English Charlich or Wild Mustard, Goatsbeard, and Harmful Barberry. The above named weeds must be destroyed at such time and in such manner as shall effectively prevent them from bearing seed or spreading to adjoining property as required by the Wisconsin Statutes.

Failure to destroy these weeds will result in the Weed Commissioner causing such weeds to be destroyed and the cost thereof levied as a special tax against the property pursuant Wisconsin Statutes Section 66.0407.

Kevin Schutt, Weed Commissioner

Town of Darien